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For many years ‘the most addictive’ theme has been a debatable question. An addiction defines as uncontrollable substance-seeking behaviour. On the other hand, a high dependency level on the drug or alcohol is another measuring level of addiction. More importantly, addictive substances affect your brain which different moods.

Evidently, the researchers have found a list of five substances with a high rate of compulsion. They considered some aspects to check the highest potentiality on drugs. These aspects are:

  1. The activation level of Brain’s Dopamine system
  2. Records on how pleasurable it is
  3.  The level to which the drug causes withdrawal symptoms
  4. How quick a person gets attached to the drug
  5. Physical and cognitive affects by the drugs

The most addictive drugs on earth

Heroin holds the first place on earth being as the most addictive substance than any other. If you take five times of the amount to be needed to get high you will die being overdosed. Furthermore, it has a very high risk of death from worsening. Heroin increases the dopamine level in the brain’s reward system by up to 200% in experimental animals. For instance, Dopamine is a hormone that gives a feeling of satisfaction, good, and pleasure. Moreover, it is the brain’s pleasure chemical.

Cocaine, a stimulant obtained from coca plants. Like heroin, cocaine to interferes with the brain’s dopamine level. But cocaine does not allow neurons to transmit the signal of ‘feel-good’. In contrast, it results in abnormal activations of the brain’s reward pathways.

Crack is a mixture of two elements as cocaine and baking powder. Usually, it is smoking than snorting and it has a strong influence. The high is potent and the effect is rapid than powdered cocaine. Additionally, Powdered cocaine causes milder high. But crack cocaine considers as the third most damaging drug on earth.

Crystal Meth is also called as ice or glass. Methamphetamine is the scientific name and it stimulates the central nervous system. Subsequently, it increases the brain’s dopamine level and norepinephrine level which are the pleasure hormones. Crystal meth boosts your energy, mood, and sexual intimacy.

Alcohol is another extreme addictive in the result of an increased death rate. Over three million people die per year for the reason of alcohol. Alcohol increases the brain’s dopamine level by nearly 360%. Usually, around 22% of alcohol consumers are more likely to get addicted.

The tobacco’s prominent element which gives the high is Nicotine. According to estimations, there are more than one billion smokers in the world. As a result of these estimations, by 2030 nicotine will have the ability to kill more than 8 million people per year.

Barbiturate and Opioid

Barbiturate is a category of drugs that transmits chemical signals in the brain. This has many names like blue bullets, gorillas, nembies, barbs and pink ladies. Initially, barbiturates used as a medication to heal depression and assist with sleep. Low doses of barbiturate cause euphoria. While higher doses cause difficulties in breathing and it is sufficient to cause death.

Painkillers or Opioids is another drug which may lead to death. 3.8 million People misuse these pain killers and soon reach their death, nearly 115 deaths per day. Likewise, these too have the ability to cause lethal respiratory depression.

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