Female Genital Mutilation

Surgery Offers Hope for Victims of Female Genital Mutilation

Have you heard of Female Circumcision or Female Genital Mutilation? If you know what this practice is, it sure gives you goosebumps once you heard the name. We live in the 21st century where there are a lot of educated people. With that, we still practice our cultures differentiated from one country to another.  And people have become wise. Avoiding inequality, discrimination and many other facts which harm human rights. But still, there are some unbelievable cultural practices in some countries which cannot be accepted. One is the Female Circumcision.

How it happens

The cutting or removal of external female genitalia is the basic definition of this ritual. Simply, we can say injuring the female genital organ for non-medical purposes. Mostly, African countries practice this ritual. An elderly woman who is the traditional circumciser uses a blade or a knife to do this ritual. It happens between birth to puberty and usually before the age of five. This practice differs from country-wise or ethnic group wise. Cutting of clitoral glans is in two ways as removing inner labia and removing inner and outer labia. And then closing the vulva.


Another procedure for this ritual is infibulation. When closing vulva after removing labia, a small hole leaves open to pass urine and menstrual fluid. The widened vagina is for sexual intercourse and childbirth.

Prominently Female circumcision reflects gender inequality. It started for the reason of controlling women’s sexuality, to protect purity, modesty, and beauty. And FGM originated and follows from generation to another by women. These women consider this practice as a proud and way or honor to avoid social exclusion.

Health effects  

The circumciser uses the blade to remove the genitalia and she keeps the blade to cut another. Most of the times circumciser never washes it and let it keep wrapped in a cloth until it gets rust. Still uses the rusted blade without knowing the harm. The probability of getting infected is high. And these traditional circumcisers are not doctors, they just cut what they see to follow their culture. Difficulty in passing urine and menstrual fluid, severe pain, emerge of cysts, inability to get pregnant, issues in giving childbirth and fatal bleeding are side effects of FGM.

Even though the world developed in every aspect still there are such unacceptable cultural practices existing. Unfortunately, people became blindfolded due to their culture. Still living in an era where apes used stones to get fire.


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