Animal-based medical experiments

Using animals for medical experiments has always been a debatable problem. Both parties could provide solid reasons. Animal-based medical experiments are very much important in identifying new medicines. At the same time, these experiments torture the animals in the laboratory by giving them unbearable pain and stress.

Scientists use animals to experiment on new medical treatments. So that people do not have to face any difficulty trying out new medicines and losing their lives. But using animals instead of people brought no harm due to unconcerned thought of losing the animal’s lives. Along with that, excluding animals from laboratory usage blocks the identifying of health and disease. And gradually it affects the new important medical treatments.

After conducting animal-based researches with unsuccessful conclusions, the animals leave to die and keep caged for months. These cases lead to reduce the quality of another living being. This seems really inhuman and unethical. As a solution for this matter, people found a set of principles with ‘Three Rs’ which help to reduce the inhumanity when conducting animal-based experiments.

Three Rs

  • Replace
  • Reduce
  • Refine

There’s a possibility to replace animals for laboratory use with many alternatives. Human cells are the main element to receive the changes from an experiment. Cell centre, Computer modelling and also the human volunteers are some important alternatives to refrain from animal-based researches. The same experiment happens with many animals for many times. If scientists make decisions and come to conclusions together after minimizing the repetition of the same experiment, it will also reduce animal usage in medical experiments. Refining, the way of animal’s care reduced by the stress and pain given in an experiment.

Like humans, animals too do have feelings. They fear, feel pain, and stress are some that make these lab animals suffer for. Once the experiments are done, still these lab animals’ wounds are not to care. The wounds kept without proper healings and let to die or to kill.

However, animals are not living for our benefits. They are also creatures like us as a part of the world. This does not mean having power let us control everything as per our wish.

Standing against Animal Abuse

Peta – People for the ethical treatment of animals Organization is effectively in the process of acting against cruel experiments. Peta reports many terrible cases and acts strongly against experiments while making aware of the public. Recently, Peta reported a lab in Texas where the dogs are bred to develop muscular dystrophy. Dogs’ tongues become so swollen and keep on experimenting. These dogs left halfway dead by the age of 2.

Image: PETA


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