Enjoying the Animal Abuse?

PETA-Against Animal Circus Say no to Animal Cruelty Are you also a part...

The Point Of No Return

Nasa.gov Do you know what a black hole is? As of the name given...

The Mysterious Devil’s Triangle

AvantPremiere Ships and planes vanish leaving no proof The devil’s Triangle or the Bermuda...

Volcanoes and Garbage

Garbage increases the explosions of magma Photo: https://gizmodo.com/ Do you think throwing the trash into...

Major waste exporters are receiving back their waste

Image: CHINADAILY.com.cn Asians are processing to send back the plastic waste to their origins
Waste to energy plant in shenzhen city

A Massive Project by China to Convert Waste into Energy

Waste-to-Energy plant in Shenzhen city in Southern China An efficient way to destroy wastage
Using plastic alternative

Stepping Towards a Plastic-Free World

www.innovationexcellence.com How do you give your contribution towards a sustainably developed country?

Asteroid strike on earth?

www1.cbn.com 3.5 billion years ago a huge asteroid strike with 20 to 30 Km of the diameter, marks...

Effective Ways to Decrease Carbon Footprint

www.walkinsrilanka.com Climate change affects every aspect of the world we live in. Emission of carbon dioxide is the...
vegan foods

Facts, if everyone in the world went VEGAN

There are 20 million vegans in the U.S. Alone6 times more than there were in 2015Soya products are...

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Danish Butter Cookies

DANISH BUTTER COOKIES Remember the Royal Dansk blue tin? The buttery rich taste which makes your evening a...
coronavirus may be spreading through talking

coronavirus may be spreading through talking

Thinkstock A new study has found that coronavirus may be spreading through talking. This could explain the spread...

Creamy Chicken Pie

WELL PLATED BY Erin Quarantine period has opened doors to many home-made dishes. Making the use of this...