Coconut Water for a healthier life

Do you know the benefits of consuming Coconut Water? Coconut Water contains many nutritional values that help to keep well-balanced health. It is low in calories, fat, and cholesterol free, containing potassium than four bananas and hydrates quickly.

What is Coconut?

Coconut is a tropical fruit that contains juice. It is a clear liquid that can be found in the center of young, green coconuts. It is a natural nutritious beverage. When the coconut grows the flesh or the fruit absorbs the water for its nourishment. This nutritional drink contains 94% of water with a very little amount of fat along with a slight taste of sweetness.

Benefits of drinking Coconut Water

This liquid contains many nutrients like Vitamins, Potassium, Calcium, Carbs, Fiber, Sodium, Protein, and Magnesium. Also, it has antioxidants that help to protect our cells from altering free radicals.

It includes digestive carbohydrates in the form of sugar and electrolytes and it helps to hydrate the body quickly. It is a medication to situations like hangovers and to prevent from cancer and kidney stones.

Plenty of fluids are needed for the prevention of kidney stones. According to an article written by Franziska Spritzler of Healthline, she says “coconut water performs better than plain water for kidney stones. Early animal research suggests that water from coconuts may prevent kidney stones by reducing crystal and stone formation”

One study has found that it is capable of improving blood sugar control and reducing blood sugar levels. Also, it has been traditionally used as the treatment for diarrhea and cramps.

According to an animal study, the experimenters could conclude that coconut water consumed rats were reducing blood cholesterol and triglycerides and also noticeable decreases in liver fat. So there is a possibility to reduce heart disease risk by consuming coconut water and it may have strong abilities to lower cholesterol.

As another benefit of coconut juice is, it helps to lower blood pressure and reduce the emergence of blood clots in arteries.

Even though the results were taken from controlled studies, the ingredients of coconut juice help us in many ways to get cured of many diseases.  



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