dolphins and human brain comparison

For decades, researchers have suspected that dolphins possess an incredibly high level of intelligence.

The brain of the bottlenose dolphin is larger and more complex than a human brain.

They even have an extra lobe which contains all of their sensory and motor functions.

This gives them incredible speed and sensitivity of perception…

For example, they can send images to other dolphins by using their voice.

In humans, this would be the same as holographically projecting an image, using only your mind.

The ability for the brain to problem solve is measurable and is known as “associative skill”.

Rats, for example, can only use 10% of their brains for problem-solving.

Cats can use up to 50%, chimpanzees 75%, and humans are able to use 90% of their brains for this purpose.

Dolphins are able to use up to 97% of their brain for associative skill, due to their larger supralimbic lobe.

The part of their brain responsible for memory is also far more advanced than ours.

Incredibly, dolphins have unique “names” for each other, expressed by personalized whistles.

Years after meeting, they can recall these specific whistles as if it were yesterday.

Group of cute smart dolphins in the ocean

Researchers now know that dolphins utilize a spoken language of at least 60,000 words.

Dolphins use tools, recognize themselves in mirrors and have been observed discussing territories and food rationing between different groups.

We still have difficulty recognizing their intelligence, however, since it operates so differently from ours.

NASA has invested heavily in the study of dolphin intelligence…

They believe communicating with dolphins could help us understand how to speak with extraterrestrial intelligence if we ever happen to encounter them…


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