Can you imagine yourself attempting to enter Area 51?

Area 51 has always been a mystery. No one could enter this Nevada Research center. It’s a secret U.S. military site with high security. The actual military base covers 150 square kilometres but the base surrounding is 1600 square kilometres. The border of 1600 kilometres is guarded with Camo dudes. The conspiracy behind the wall goes to 1950s and many people reported the appearance of UFOs at south Nevada military base. It seemed impossible to get into Area 51 with the obstacles. This zone is off-limits to visitors. If you try to enter the secret military base you may get killed or even arrested. The camo dudes have the power to stop people from entering zone 51. Moreover, they can even shoot unauthorized visitors. 

Can you assume yourself with one million people entering to Nevada desert’s military base?

Nowadays it is apparent on social Medias the conspiracy of invading Area 51 by gathering one million people mainly through Facebook. Assume that, anyhow you could get into the surrounding of the base after crossing many obstacles. Obviously, you will have to walk for hours to find the actual U.S military base. And also this area cannot find through GPS.

For decades this zone kept secret and until recent past, even the government did not accept the existence of this military base. People assume that this zone has secret military technology connected to aliens and UFOs. But yet no one could reveal the truth. Presume yourself with one million Facebook linked people who are about to discover the area 51.

From Las Vegas airport you will have to come to the southern Nevada desert for a few hours. Consider that there are one million people do the same with you.  There are no highways or even carpeted roads to reach area 51. But imagine crossing all the difficulties, somehow one million people got into the base’s front gates? You and your friends are unarmed and in need of revealing the inside truth which has been hidden for decades. If somehow you could sneak past the gates, camo dudes, armed soldiers and police but still you will have to find the actual military base. For the reason of passing the base’s surroundings for hours.

The actual base seems impossible to found because its windows are blackout and difficult to see any lights from outside.

What will you see once you got into Area 51?

Yet we do have no idea what has made this base very curious. Military technologies that make you go insane, UFOs and even Aliens might be there. Some doubt that the area is poisoned with years of experiments. consequently, In these cases getting into Nevada’s test is not easy and you might end up with the dying, arrested or sick.


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