Climate change affects every aspect of the world we live in. Emission of carbon dioxide is the major cause for global warming or climate change because Carbon is the most common element on earth. Exhaling, burning of fossil fuel, deforestation, waste disposal, mining, and many other ways have caused the emission of Carbon Dioxide. The world is in a continues searching for effective ways to decrease the carbon footprint.

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has conducted a survey to see the public’s views on climate. 95% of swedes stated that they will have to face many negative situations due to climate change in the future. And 81% of the community believes that they can make a change to diminish climate change.

Doconomy and its Products

Doconomy is a Swedish fintech company established in 2018 by Johan Pihl and Mathias Wikström. This is one of the most recent inclusions to the Swedish green startup. The main objective of this company is to convert the banking system into an eco-friendly concept. Another intention is to make aware of the ecological result due to the daily routine of humans.

Doconomy has introduced two effective ways to reduce carbon emission. One is a mobile banking service helps the consumers to check their carbon emissions. This product is called “DO”. DO assigns you to pay for the impact you made by emitting the carbon to the environment with a list of carbon offset projects. “BLACK” is the other product by Doconomy. BLACK is a credit card identified as a carbon limit world’s first credit card.

“what we’re doing is accelerating effective climate action by creating services that help consumers to become aware of their impact. We think that awareness is the key to establishing a new type of relationship between consumers and companies. Consumers can create a demand that will actually force brands to respond to this newly created awareness”.

Mathias Wikström

Creating tools that aid to have Climate consciousness among the consumers was the intention of the Doconomy . Then they identified the easily accessible two ways that help to reduce the carbon emission as mobile banking service and credit cards which are in daily use

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