PETA-Against Animal Circus

Say no to Animal Cruelty

Are you also a part of the group who supports animal abuse by purchasing tickets to watch circuses? Unknowingly, you may entertain your kids or family by bringing them to enjoy the moments in a circus. But, behind every moment of a circus show, there is an unbearable pain underwent by animals.

Animals are not objects to be forced by a human in order to gain money. They are creatures of nature. Like a human, they too have the right to live free. Most of the time, animals in circuses are brutally beaten and trapped for the purpose of taming. In order to get the animals trained and obedient for the performer’s word. Sadly, circus animals are caged for their lifetime.

Elephants are the most abused animal on earth for circuses. Cruelty starts with baby elephants. Abusers chain the legs of baby elephants at least for 23 hours of the day. And beat the baby elephants to get them obedient. This brutality goes till the elephants realize their battle for free is pointless. And the abusing continues till they reach 20-22 years and still chained. Not only elephants face this tragedy but also the lions, tigers, bears too.

Circus bears live in small square feet cage in which the bear cannot even turn. And the performers keep the bear inside the cage at least 90% of the day. In an unnatural and demeaning display, these intelligent and mighty animals are forced to walk on their hind legs, do handstands, dance, balance on a ball, ride a bicycle and a motorcycle A circus or a zoo is where people use animals for commercial purpose. The animal’s feedings or well being are not considered as an important task. Some animals left to starve & die without knowing the term “freedom”.


Image: PETA


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