German circus replaces animals with stunning holograms

Animal Abuse in Circuses is coming to an End

Animal Abusing in circuses has become a very considerable topic. Since it is becoming an arguable topic among everyone, some have suggested the option of using holograms instead of animals in a circus.

Animals are still suffering from the terrible practices of abusive circus performers. Circus animal’s lives are miserable since they are caged for their lifetime. To free these innocent souls from being trapped, it is necessary to stop animal cruelty in circuses. Holograms are a physical structure by lights. It creates an image with three dimensional. This technology gives the real sense of animals. It can create animals using the effects of light. Circus performers started to use a set of laser projectors & lenses to make appear the hologram shows to be shown in a traditional circus ring.

German Circus impresses the audience with stunning holograms. German has started preserving their tradition along with avoiding the animal cruelty in a circus. An elephant in a german circus stands before the audience. And its ears are flapping and the trunk is wagging. It hoists up its hind legs as the crowd applauds. Then in an instance, it disappears.

The world has started changing and seven American states and 149 cities have put restrictions on the use of wild animals in circuses, according to the animal welfare group Four Paws. For example last year, New Jersey and Hawaii made the law statewide bans on animal circus acts, and globally, more than 40 countries have placed restrictions or bans on animal performances.


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