How to boost the power of brain

There are a number of techniques that can boost your brain power. And enhance your intelligence if you perform them regularly.

Body Exercise

Body exercise improves your brain power by forming new brain cells and helps in the survival of existing neurons. It also increases the size of your hippocampus which is a brain area associated with your memory and learning.


When you stop learning, parts of your brain start to shrink. Research shows that life-long learning will effectively increase your brain power. Learning anything new enhances your memory and forms new brain cells.

Music training improves your left Temporal Lobe. Which is a region in your brain that is involved in verbal memory. Therefore, individuals with music training have better verbal memory.

Mnemonic Training

You can also stimulate your brain with special brain training programs. Mnemonic training helps your brain to encode and recall important information. Mnemonics are techniques for remembering information that difficult to recall. It’s a simple shortcut that helps us associate the information we want to remember. Through images, sentences or simple words.

Another technique, the Acrostic method, involves a sequence of letters. That can help you remember a set of facts in a particular order.

Mind Palace

Another powerful technique is called the Mind Palace Memory Technique. This increases your brain power by associating words with images and helps you memorize hundreds of words and phrases of any language.

New Experiences

Giving your brain new experiences will keep it healthier. Neurobics cognitive training involves various mental workout exercises. It uses your physical senses with your emotional sense in new ways.

For example, if you are right-handed and you start using your left-hand instead, you will stimulate more connections between different areas of your brain. It also makes your nerve cells stronger and more resistant to the effects of aging. Give your brain a workout with logic puzzles, crosswords, or Sudoku.

A study shows that playing brain games increase your executive functions, working memory, and processing speed. It can also improve the memory of people with mild cognitive impairment. Including those showing the signs of Dementia.

People who engage in regular mental stimulation are 46% less likely to develop dementia than those who aren’t mentally active.


Eating Omega rich foods helps improve your brain health. 8% of your brain’s weight is comprised of Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids play an important role in brain development and functions.

Computers and smart devices have become very efficient in doing most of our work. Which makes our brain a bit lazy. Challenge your brain by doing simple tasks. Practice your math skills and try to perform calculations from time to time.


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