Life Planning

People do life planning from their childhood days. Children usually plan to go on trips, having parties, playing, etc. Teachers advise students to plan their studies. Parents normally motivate children to have a plan in their life. So planning is a familiar word for us.

All of us have dreams. But how many of us are working to achieve them. We may not even remember our earlier dreams. How many of you keep records about your life plan other than keeping them in your head. If you have written them in a diary, book, or in any means, it will be a great habit for you. You may be lazy to record your plans and trying to memorizing them all, but with time things will be forgotten and you will struggle to go towards your targets.

Life planning is so important to achieve your dreams. One can make daily, weekly, annually, and long term plans. It helps you to make your day more successful and make the path you follow exactly towards your dreams. You can do the daily part of your plan. If somehow you couldn’t achieve the daily target of your plan, it can be added to the next days. And also if something unexpected happens and disrupts, then you can adjust the plan accordingly.

You can plan anything like studies, having a great job, starting a business, marriage, religious things, children’s future, etc. Making plans with daily steps for some events is difficult. But you can be in touch and gather information without drifting away.

Having a life plan will keep you enthusiastic till you achieve your dream. Your failures, faults can be converted back to your strengths while pursuing your dreams. Planning will help you to pass special milestones of your life in a more efficient and effective way.

Although there are lots of advantages of planning, some disadvantages are also there.

Cons of Personal life Planning

  • It takes valuable time and effort to prepare plans.
  • Gets difficult to follow with the changes in your life and environment.
  • If things go wrong, we may get demotivated

Dreams are there to be achieved before the end of your life rather than keeping them as dreams. So without wasting any more time, start planning your way towards fulfilling your dreams.    

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