Brain-Machine Interface

The brain gets connected to computers

Technology has embraced the world in many ways. How do we control a computer? The answer should be by a keyboard, a mouse or even a touchpad. And when we want to learn something probably we will google it or we might watch a video about it. Basically, all these controlling devices do search for what is in our mind and the computer lets us know what it knows. We have been doing this for many years. Since technology has brought many changes to today’s world, this control system seems inefficient. The solution is given by Neuralink.

What if we can directly let the computer know about what is in our minds? And also the computer has the ability to send the found details directly to our mind then the system is super-efficient. We can call this system as Brain-Machine Interface or even BMI. The attempts for the brain-machine interface are happening many years ago. As a result, some scientists could write an email by using this system. Even though there are little innovations through the brain-machine interface, still scientists could not make it everyday usage.

Elon Musk, the owner of Neuralink Company is trying to make brain-machines interfaces which are secure, cheap and daily usable. As per the presentation by Elon Musk, he tries to add another layer to our brain which is like a computer. Neuralink has already made a robot that helps to insert thousands of electrodes to our brain. Once a thousand electrodes are inserted we might be able to read the signals in the brain. These signals are as analogs. To read these signals, these should convert into digital signals. For this, Neuralink created the N1 sensor which has the ability to convert analog signals into digital signals.

How efficient is the N1 sensor by Neuralink

Assume that you think to switch off the light and it happens automatically. This system helps to control the devices around using our thoughts. If you are in need of writing an email by only using your thoughts, this system is ideal for almost every action.

For the blinds and also for the ones with hearing difficulties can easily benefit from this system.


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