The coronavirus infection rate is falling in South Korea
Credit…Lee Moo-Ryul/Newsis, via Associated Press

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According to the news from South Korea. The coronavirus infection rate is falling. On Monday, South Korea had around 7,755 Covid-19 cases. Daily infections fell for the fourth consecutive day. Officials attribute the decrease to 3 main factors.

Mass testing, improved public communication, and the use of advanced technology.

South Korea is one of the worst-affected countries outside of China. Sixty-one people died in South Korea so far. Five hundred new daily infections were recorded for the past two weeks. But last Friday, this number dipped to 438. Then 367 on Saturday and 248 on Sunday.

Officials said that while the coronavirus infection rate is falling in South Korea, there are concerns over such mass infection cases. Authorities completed the extensive testing of members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, which was linked to more than 60% of the country’s cases. South Korean officials said that citywide lockdowns, as imposed by China in Wuhan are difficult to enforce in an open society.

China also introduced strict social distancing and extensive monitoring of citizens. South Korea is promoting voluntary public participation and using creative applications of advanced technology. South Korea has been providing media briefings twice per day. And emergency alerts sent by mobile phone.

Details about the travel histories of confirmed patients are also available on municipal websites. But information about a patient’s residence or employer makes them identifiable individually. They are leading to concerns about privacy.

Authorities deployed about 50 drive-through testing stations across the country. Covid-19 test is free in South Korea. The free test has enabled the identification of patients early. Officials stated that, In the coming days further, the decrease in the coronavirus infection rate is expected.

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