Do you know what a black hole is?

As of the name given to it does not mean what a black hole is. Regardless of its name, it is more than being black and a hole. This is a place where there is a strong gravity that nothing can escape from it. Not even the light can go away from it. According to NASA’s statements on Black Holes, it says that the gravity is very much strong due to the matter which is pressured into a small space. These are invisible and special space telescopes have the ability to find these places. From that, you can identify the changes of stars which are closer to black holes than other stars.

History of Black Hole’s Formation

As per the prediction of Einstein’s Relativity theory, the formation of a black hole happens with the death of a massive star. There is a small leftover part after a star dies. Once the mass of this left part is at least three times bigger than the mass of our sun, the left part becomes the black hole.

Assume the sun’s gravitation 28 times stronger than Earth’s. And if you could walk in the sun you are 28 times heavier than you are on earth. Can you imagine compacting four suns into an area with just 15 miles in diameter?  The mileage you can cover within 30 minutes of drive. You can guess the gravity in that small pressure area.

Hawking Radiation

The physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking identified the gamma-ray bursts that the hole emits to detect this area. According to Hawkings, the black holes can be passages to another universe. What if you fall into a black hole?

If somehow you pulled towards a black hole, you will be moved rapidly by the strong force of gravity. Your legs will feel a heavy gravitational power than your head. Your body will be stretched apart. “Stellar” black holes are the most common. Since this type is one of the most powerful, you will be completely torn apart before reaching the event horizon. So you must find a supermassive one which can pull your feet and head with the same strength.

Space and time in a black hole switch their roles. At the event horizon, the time comes to a dead-end and you will not be able to turn around to get away from the hole.

It is impossible to be certain on anything being outside the event horizon whether there’s a black hole or not until you fall in there.

Image: NASA.Gov


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