Africa coronavirus
Passenger screening at Maya Maya International airport, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo | Photo: WHO/Elombat D.

Africa is the leas-affected continent by Coronavirus outbreak. The African continent is home to nearly 1.3 billion people

So far less than 300 cases were reported in about half of its 54 countries

Almost all the continent’s confirmed cases originated from travelers from Europe or East Asia

Scientists are puzzled by the numbers They suggest different theories to explain the limited spread of the virus including climate factors and commercial routes

A team of scientists identified Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa as the most likely to import new coronavirus into Africa. But the also noted that these countries are the least vulnerable as they have the best-prepared health systems in the continent.

Some experts suggest that the health infrastructure set up during the Ebola epidemic and African countries’ coordination with the World Health Organization contributed to improving African public health systems.

Favorable climate factors have also been raised as possible reasons why coronavirus is not spreading in Africa. In a recent study, Chinese scientists found that high temperatures and relatively high humidity significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19. But other researchers have doubts that weather is the main factor in lowering coronavirus cases in Africa.

Gahanna and Kenya announced new measures prohibiting travelers from countries affected by COVID-19. The Democratic Republic of Congo imposed quarantine measures on travelers from Italy, France, China, and Germany. The WHO said that its most prominent concern is the spread of COVID-19 in countries with weaker health systems.

Specialists warned of the risks of it’s spreading in Africa. Africa has close commercial links with China. Experts are worried about the fragility of medical services in many African countries.

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